My Motto ~ Recycle  Design  Create   For the last 40 years, I have spent my spare time recycling, designing and creating many craft projects.

My first love is designing for dolls of all sizes.  Then about 23 years ago, My Size Barbie Doll (36″ tall) was introduced to the world.  I immediately wanted one of these dolls, but this doll was the doll to have at the time.  It was wildly popular and difficult to find in the stores.  I finally found My Size Barbie Doll (36″ tall) about a year later advertised in a magazine and ended up paying $150.00.  This was a high price to pay for a doll at this time (year 1993).  This doll is my true love to design clothing, shoes, hats, wedding dresses, shoes, and etc.

My Size Barbie Doll (36″ tall) stands in a corner, smiles constantly, never complains, and loves everything that I design for her.  Tall dolls are my preference and I have added more My Size Barbie Dolls (older version, 36″ tall), My Size Barbie Doll (newest version, 38″ tall), Elsa from Frozen (38″ tall), Barbie’s Best Fashion Friend (28″ tall) and Bratz Fashion Doll (24″ tall).

The My Size Barbie Doll (36″/38″ tall)  and Frozen Doll Elsa (38″ tall) all have basically the same size body.  The only difference that I can determine with the My Size Barbie Doll (36″/38″ tall) in the height is the size of the doll heads.  So, many of my designs fit both sizes of My Size Barbie Doll (36″ /38″tall) that I have in my personal collection.

The following videos showcase some of the designs that I have created in the last couple of years for My Size Barbie Doll (36″/38″ tall) and the Bratz Doll (24″ large fashion doll).

My second love is recycling throwaway items that fill our garbage dumps.  I recycle newspaper, cardboard, plastic containers, plastic bottles and anything else that I can use in my designs.  Unfortunately, I have a very difficult time throwing away a recyclable object.  My living space has shrank in size and I can no longer store as many items, so it breaks my heart when these items have to be sent to the recycling center.

These recycled items are incorporated into many of my doll designs.  Cardboard is used for doll shoe soles, hat brims, doll furniture (future designs) and even a tractor that was designed for a county fair table theme.  The plastic is used for many doll designs such as hats, shoes, bodice pieces, belts, hair decorations, wedding veils, crowns, masks, and much more.  The newspaper is used for Papier Mache designs such as the 3 month project that was created for the grange county fair table theme. The table featured vegetable people, fruit people and a tractor, all made from newspaper and cardboard.  The following pictures show the finished grange display and the trophy that was won.

I worked day and night for 3 months to complete the items for this display.  The Paper Mache items were scattered all over my house in many stages of drying.  The dining room table could not be recognized, glue seemed to appear on everything and my son was ready to leave with his suitcase.  But, we persevered and the items were all completed the night before they were to be delivered to the fair grounds.  My projects all seem to be very time consuming and create a mess throughout the house.  But, what a grand time I have using my imagination.

Eighteen years ago my life was turned upside down and I wondered if it was possible to survive the changes that I would have to endure.  My husband died after 40 years of marriage and I was thrown out into a world that was foreign to me.  I had been a housewife for 40 years and chose to stay home with my children.

Going out in the world to get an education, find a job and deal with caring for myself was not part of my mind set.  Unfortunately, this became my path to follow and after many tears, many years in the local junior college to obtain an education, a job that I worked until my 72nd birthday, I have survived.  Now, I am going to spend my time recycling, designing, and creating until it isn’t possible to complete my projects any longer.

I attended a displaced homemaker program after my husband died and the instructor used a phrase that has stuck with me.  WHEN ONE DOOR CLOSES, ANOTHER DOOR OPENS.  Throughout the last 18 years, this has proven to be true.

6 Responses to About

  1. NENE KEOv says:

    Hello MArilyns ! Those dolls very beautiful i like the hats! those cutie little shoe go with outfit!


  2. Elaine Snyder says:

    Beautiful workmanship,, I am Blessed to know a lovely person with such great talent!


  3. Bill Stilts says:

    Hi, Do you still sell items for the my size barbie? Found nothing on Ebay. I was looking to get some things for my (14 yr old) daughter’s dolls. She now has 5 and looking to get more. She is collecting them.


    • Hi Bill.
      Let me know what style clothing that you are interested in purchasing, crochet or fabric designs. I will be listings some of my crochet and spandex stretch items for My Size Barbie Doll (36″/38″ tall) next week on Ebay. I have been working on hand tied tutus that fit the My Size Barbie Doll (36″/38″ tall) and Frozen My Size Elsa Doll (38″ tall). They are so Cute! Will be posting a post showing the tutus and matching headpieces as soon as I take the photos, hopefully this will completed within the next few days. The tutus are a new design and will be sold as a set including tutu, headpiece and crocheted shoes. The tutu sets will be sold on Ebay as soon as the crocheted shoes are constructed to complete the sets.


  4. Linda J. Harvey says:

    In addition to your impressive talents, you have a very inspiring story, and a very uplifting outlook. Thank you so much, I needed to see this today.


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