My Reaction to Youtube Demonetizing My Doll Videos

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Read the story below about the devastating Youtube demonetizing rules that are affecting a huge amount of video producers on Youtube.

Wow, what a surprise when I was notified that I would be demonetized on all of my videos!!!!   The Youtube site is being inundated with video reaction to this change in monetization (so far undisclosed how many video creators are affected). This impact is huge! This video is my reaction to this notification, looking at this through the eyes of my dollies. Wondering why Youtube would be so uncaring about their video producers and wondering how long before there will be some real competition in the future!

This is Youtube’s new rules for monetizing your videos, 4000 hours of views and a thousand subscribers. You can still share your videos, you just don’t get paid. My videos have been monetized for five years since the first day that I uploaded my first video. Youtube had a pilot program when I created my channel that you could become monetized with your first uploaded video. I have never made more than a few dollars per year but I always had hope that someday one of my videos would become popular. If you check on Youtube, there are many devastated video producers talking about the impact of this demonetizing decision. Many rely on the monthly monetary payment for income, thankfully, this decision did not affect me financially.

If you watch Youtube video producers explanations about the impact of these new rules, it is having a major impact on their financial well being. One of the producer’s demonetized video talks about losing $500.00 to 1200.00 a month. This may sound like a small amount, but if this was my channel, the loss of that amount of money would have been devastating to me.

The challenge of Youtube is building a channel that allows you to start at the bottom and hopefully work your way to the top. I do believe that Youtube has made a major mistake and this opens up the competition for others to become an alternative to Youtube.

When Ebay made their drastic changes, Esty became the site to list your items. It quickly grew from obscure to what it has become today. A competitor would have producers ready to make the move to another site just because of the callous way in which these changes were thrust upon Youtube video producers. In my opinion, if there is a willing competitor, the viewership for a good alternative site would likely increase very quickly. It will be interesting to watch who will challenge Youtube!

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