My Unconventional Workspace For Crafting Dolly Clothing And Accessories Designs


Simple Definition of unconventional: very different from the things that are used or accepted by most people : not traditional or usual : not conventional (

Things fly when your having fun! My ticky, tacky workroom is big enough to turn around if everything is in its place, if not its a disaster. Most of the time it is a disaster! Spreading out to work on a project is almost impossible so I have chosen to work in my small living room area. My recliner is my work chair and my computer and table sits next to this chair with my television in view.

Creating tutus are so much fun!  Unfortunately, I don’t have a very large space to work on my creations and had all of my supplies stacked on the living room davenport.  Everything had to be sorted and moved continuously for me to complete a design.  I was getting very frustrated and began to think of a solution to my storage problem.


Most of my groceries are ordered once a month from Walmart because of my knee problems and are delivered by mail carrier. Every month there is a stack of cardboard boxes piled up in a corner of my living area. As I looked at the stacks of crafting supplies on my davenport, layer upon layer, I realized something had to be done to increase my storage area plus organizing my supplies. I looked at that stack of cardboard and decided that those boxes could help solve my storage problem. My davenport was wide enough to hold four large boxes and each box holds smaller boxes that contain my supplies. The top of the large boxes give me a layer for storage of my craft items that are waiting to be completed.

It may not be pretty, but it is functional!  My favorite unconventional workspace is my davenport (aka..daveno, sofa, now called a couch) and you can determine my age by the davenport term that is used for my seating area! The above photos show the chaos ((definition: complete confusion and disorder : a state in which behavior and events are not controlled by anything.  ( that is part of my life! Everything pictured appears to be an utter calamity and nothing seems to be organized. But looks can be deceiving, because now I know where my supplies are to complete my designs.

It is amazing how much stuff can be stored: such as, glue gun container, fold-over elastic, scissors, silk flowers, fabric, recycled items, tulle, books, crochet bands (for tutus), ribbon, tutus in progress, headpieces (made from recycled plastic), headbands, glue, thread, crochet thread, patterns ( Custom Dolly Designs By Marilyn’s Menagerie), and much more.

My dollies girls (My Size Barbie Dolls (large 36″/38″ tall) and Frozen My Size Elsa (38″ tall) sometimes don’t like to stand up straight and fall over like dominoes. When one doll goes down, they all go down! So to the rescue, another box was rescued from the recycle center (shown in above photos)! I cut holes in the four corners of a large box to stand four dolls and now I am not constantly picking up dolls.

Nineteen years ago, my husband died and with the end of a heartbeat, my life was changed forever. I had to move from a twelve room house to a small apartment, abandon my true love …crafting… while pursuing an education, and working a part-time job. This all happened, as I was approaching the age of sixty and had spent 40 years as a wife, mother and grandmother. This time was the most difficult and the most fulfilling time of my life as I pursued that illusive computer education while working at our local public access television station.

All of my crafting supplies were placed in storage for ten years, and many family members suggested that is was to costly to keep these items. But I just couldn’t part with my treasures… finally at 72 years old, my job ended and it was time to unpack those crafting supplies. I have realized that your dreams and imagination are as strong at seventy-eight years old as they were at eighteen years old. You just have to approach them differently. Because of knee problems, I don’t move as quickly but the mind is racing a hundred miles an hour with crafting ideas that need to be designed and created. Recycling throwaway items that end up in the recycling center has become an important part of my dolly designs.  My motto is: Recycle~Design~Create.





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