Crocheted Southern Belle Dress and Picture Hat With Maribou Feather ~ Fits Vintage Uneeda Wispy Walker Doll (30″ tall)

This vintage Wispy Walker Doll (30″ tall) was my favorite to design dresses and hats in the year 1976.  She had an adult body with a bust line so it was possible to design a dress with bust details.  This was a doll  that I bought at the Salvation Army at a bargain price and this is one of the dolls that I still have in my collection.

This Custom Crochet Doll Designs By Marilyn consists of a Southern Belle Dress, Lace-up Vest, Ruffled Pantaloons and Underskirt.  This complete outfit is crocheted using 4-ply acrylic yarn and is hand washable, lay flat to dry or machine washable and dryable.  The garments are mostly double crochet (a loose stitch) and some single crochet for the hat, ruffle trim and hat trim.

This clothing ensemble was designed in 1976 way before 1992 when My Size Barbie Doll (36″/38″ tall) was launched.  Even in 1976, large dolls  were my preference for designing doll clothes.  I submitted this design for magazine consideration but was turned down because the vintage doll was no longer available for purchase.  Now is an exciting time, because I just discovered that the Wispy Walker Doll has been reproduced.

This doll has been in my collection since 1976 and I have never researched information about this doll.  For this post, I needed to acquire information about this doll and found this excellent website for researching vintage dolls,

While searching for information about this Wispy Walker Doll, I discovered that this doll has been reproduced and is available at Amazon and Ebay.  Without having the new doll to compare to the vintage Wispy Walker Doll that I have in my collection, I do not know if the body sizes are the same.

I will be adding this new Wispy Walker Doll to my collection in the near future.  Knowing that the doll is being manufactured again, I will now be able to design patterns for a Wispy Walker Doll that is readily available.

During the seventies, I collected at least 3500 dolls and had them in every room of my house.  The dolls were found at yard sales, Goodwill, Salvation Army, second hand stores, donated by individuals and gifts. At that time, I had a twelve room house and every room was stuffed with dolls. My husband hated everyone of these dolls and complained profusely.  Unfortunately, I did not chronicle this by taking any photos of this collection.  About six years later the dolls were sold at doll shows and he was surprised at the profit that I made selling these dolls.  If I had continued to collect, I would probably have a nice little nest egg for retirement at this point of my life.


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