This above photo gallery features MY SIZE BARBIE DOLL (36″/38″ tall) in one of my early crocheted, black and white, striped picture hat.  The base of the hat is Paper Mache, made from newspaper and cardboard, but it is made the hat quite heavy.  In the future, I will change this method.  The crocheted hat is designed using recycled plastic, four-ply acrylic yarn, silk flowers, Marabou feathers, white glue, and a glue gun.

The following gallery features some of My Size Barbie Doll (36″/38″ tall) Crocheted Hats By Marilyn with closeup views of each hat.  Each crocheted hat is formed over some form of a recycled item, and are made with silk flowers, acrylic yarn, chiffon, marabou feathers, ribbon, paper mache, white glue, and etc.

Crocheted hats for My Size Barbie Doll (36″/38″ tall) are fun to make.  I use throwaway plastic to construct my designs and use the plastic in many of the trims for the hats.  I have designed picture hats, pillbox hats, cloche hats, wedding veils, flower garlands, fascinator hats, and more, using many different plastic items in the construction.

This video features Custom Crochet Doll Clothing Designs By Marilyn for My Size Barbie Doll (36″/38″ tall).  This video, created by Linda Manning, showcases some of the various crocheted hats that I have designed for this doll. Linda encouraged me to do the voice-over and it was a great experience.

If you would like to see more of my videos on YouTube featuring Custom Crocheted Clothing Designs By Marilyn, click on the YouTube button on the bottom of the video.

You can also go to the webpage, and in the search bar, type in marilynsmenagerie11 and a list of my videos should appear.

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